Saturday, August 30, 2008

All Dogs

I love dogs. But I also love cheetahs. They are my favorite animals. I know about lots of dogs there are probably about 400 or more different types of breeds of dogs. There are dalmations to pugs and golden retrievers there are a whole bunch more breeds of dogs I only know about some.


Hi!!! I am Kiley

Welcome to my world!!!

My name is Kiley. I am Mary Isabella"s Granddaughter.

I love dogs and all things about dogs. I will be posting about dogs. Please stop by and visit me.

Today I want to tell you about my dog. His name is Rambo. He is a crazy dog. He is a jack-russell terrier. He lives with my Gikey and Granny. When I come to visit them he meets me at the door jumping up on me, so glad to see me. My Gikey and I take him for walks and he pulls us down the road.